Glossary of Plastic Manufacturing

Bottles parizon from inflated to a smaller capacity than it getirilir.sonuç shape, wall thickness is used more for larger bottles and plastic bottles because a smaller shape.

Opening in the top of the bottle or jar.

Beyond the point of causing permanent degradation of the administered ingredient

To download a kind of thrown into a plastic resin to prevent oxidation of the plastic or minimum chemical

Applied to the surface of the plastic bottle or a bottle kimyasaldır.görev is mixed with the material forming the surface of the bottle and the bottle draws powder surface against the accumulation of electrostatic charge is to make it less sensitive to dust

Bottle uninterrupted protruding screw to hold the screw cap in the neck

The distortion or packaging material contains moisture and other elements (oxygen or other gases) protection against the ingress

A surface coating provides resistance to penetration

Usually only one cavity mold is used as a pilot production

Constitute the opening of a bottle, and hosting special cover of The plastic, sit the gear cover, is hosting part of the nail and seal or bearing surface

Sit down on the side of the plastic cover of the neck

Reduced to form the finish portion of the bottle cross-section.

A bottle and jar lid or cork that keeps the location and shape of boyutu.alph dial-continuous threaded neck to open doors and Hinge-Guard neck first digits neck diameter in yapar.özellik, the second figure gear (screw) is the size.

As a parçası.bo the ring of the neck and the end of my stay constituent assembly is called.

It forms the finish portion of the bottle of the mold equipment.

Under the process conditions, or use of a material capable of maintaining its shape.

Computer-aided Design

Computer-assisted molding

(Child protection) that a package the US Consumer Product Safety Commission pass a test.

Effect of some chemicals or under pressure sensitivity of a plastic part

Ovug around the mold, extrusion blow molding part of the environment in the process I close the parison mold and separates the excess material blocking an upturned ends.

Narrow-necked bottle of Alpha 20mm Special bitişd the start, 28mm continuous screw-neck bottles off until çeşitlernir.d best liquids and lotions, that are suitable for pourable and pumpable products.

The mold on the bottle joins the line at the end of two halves

In continuous screw-type, C / T cover plastic spirals that come çevirmelidir.değişik C / T closure types of gear has properties in different numbers.

Level required for filling a container comprising a content determined

For internal forming portion as the screw threads of the closure within the mold

A bottle finish that allows the dripping undercut lip surface have uniform bulk.

Alameda The complete cycle of repetitive operations in a period of time, the other that in the past a certain point of time in a cycle

The thickness of the bottle, usually produces some heavy-wall model ölçülür.alph bottles for improved strength and pressure along the side walls

Molten plastic from a cylinder or liquefied gas under pressure is forced into a cooled mold in the molding process in which the desired shape

A blow molding process in the injection mold in which the parison to be inflated.

I filled up a special level where the level seen in the transparent packaging

Tag may be glued flat portion of the bottle body.

Field of each piece being connected by a two-part hinge closure sistemi.b part of the bottle, while the threaded connecting tube or jar provides the other sealing mechanism.

Slitting line inserted in the mold plastics, rolled back before the end of this section.

And nonpolar solvents for polyethylene (nonpolar) is a surface treatment which improves the barrier properties against materials.

That can fit on a pallet name given to large parcels. (45Óx 33Óx 51Ó) are .Palet size and types according to customer requirements

Penetrating a material of a gas-permeable film allowing the passage of substances yeteneğidir.gaz denirken, it is said to resist or stop the passage of gases to the gas barrier material.

Solid, tough and strong natural color of white milk with a resin of cracking, good resistance to impact and is easy to melt HDPE is not color.

(DMF) submitted to the Food and Drug Administration, regarded as the production of packaging that can contain human medicine procedures, stages, is a file that contains detailed and reliable information about the operations.

(Also sometimes called hinge-shield)
Flexible hinge kullanılır.tüketici to combine the flick crested cover part of the main body of the J-cover with closure, closing the bottom of the upper part of the valve that connects the plastic rope removing açar.b type is also proof that the bottle was already open.

The bottle neck in the rest boşluk.b gap product between the cover and the level reached by the contents after packaging for heating or bırakılır.kaf space against expansion due to another action, can also be used for corrugated cardboard which is filled with plastic bottles and jars for shipping.

Normal volume amount of space in the bottle cap to the amount of a product specified (usually cc mL, measured in ounces or grams) .This standard bottle is filled to capacity usually refers to content shoulder height.

Molded plastic flow can be seen formed by two parts united at the surface line

Embossed on the bottle bottom (recessed) are written, the filling of the bottles and provide ease of alignment

Injection molding, plastic melt is the name given to distribute to various cavities away from the injection gate point.

Welded around the neck finish, the material components of the sealing bead is designed to improve competency.

To be inflated into a bottle or other form to be placed in high density polyethylene extruded hot plastic tube

Polymerized lactic acid in Polylacti, manufactured by natureworks® corn-based plastic container mold into bring less energy requiring a maddedir.çok variety of bottles, containers, trays, films and to manufacture other packaging forms, than 68% of other plastid It uses less fossil fuel and is the world's first greenhouse-gas-neutral polymer.

Tends to return to its original molded form of the plastic

A material added to increase flexibility during the manufacturing process

The most common thermoplastic hard, strong and dimensionally stable material and too little water emer.i level of alcohol, solvents and gas barrier properties and chemical resistance vardır.ayn has good barrier properties against time in the oil and fats and is naturally crystal clear .

Final mold to become knowledgeable about usually made from a light-casting alloys or synthetic resin, simplified mold structure

Normally a transparent plastic foggy or cloudy appearance.

PET which improves the gas barrier properties and applied saran or PVDC film that allows for lightweight containers.

The pressure required to shape the parison in the mold in the blow molding operation

The Kıcak plastic semi-molten tube (parison) is placed between the two mold halves, intended to be inflated by way işlemidir.Bu container of gas barrier, stiffness, extrusion transparency and impact strength (pulling) Develop better than molding; and as a result, the weight of the container is reduced.

Repeatedly softened by heating and cooling the hardened material, usually used for cover.

Heating until it softened and a plastic sheet bearable metodu.dah this layer the desired shape after a vacuum, using pressure and mechanical assistance.

When added to the thermoplastic resin that absorbs UV rays and selecting possible physical or chemical changes to minimize all kinds of chemical components.

Plastic resin that helps prevent damage to and added absorbs UV light and chemicals prolonging the life of the plastic. Tinuvin components is one example

The weight per volume unit, in grams / cm3 is referred to as.

Ink ,, lake modifying a plastic surface, making adhesive application to process

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