Production of Pet

Plastic products, the first fusion of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) blow molding mold is produced with raw materials and pet preforms. Features to comply fully with the rules and food hygiene regulations. All production steps are carried out in our factory. Thus, with the understanding of a service to our customers, delivering faster and more economical. Moreover, studies by our company and customer specific products and mold design, production is carried out.

Quality Control: Our service;

We produce PET Preforms and jars, all suitable European standards, and direct contact with product.
Quality, is the end product of all the activities of a company. A company's only goal is to keep customers continuously satisfied, and always able to fulfill future requests. Our principle objective is to catch the best quality and the best quality of production to capture every moment in all of our products are filtered and a meticulous, even a small mistake by breaking into the fire to be brought back into raw materials. Plastic PET production certificates as ISO 9001 quality control system Sensan developing day by day and at the end of the shift, not the quality control of each product is produced. How many reports that they fire their employees at the end of day, and tells the machine what had caused the problems, such as measures are taken accordingly.

PET Preform, PET jar or bottle in a previous state of swelling. First of all raw materials, special PET PET granules are dried to a humidity of 0001% after drying machines, injection molding machine, PET center is transferred to the silos, where heated to 285 ° C. After thawing, the latest technology with a fully computer controlled injection molding machines is injected into the active water-cooled injection molds. Precision molds 5 microns. Here to cool completely hands-free robot technology and preforms are removed from the mold. Us make the most efficient injection molding machines settings for the latest technology, we do in the shortest possible cycle time and the polymer molecules, the smallest level of pressure loss and acetaldehyde production by keeping to a minimum keeps IV. Preforms produced fully automatic blow molding machines, lined up a special in-house transport treylerlarına taken or sold to the customer is placed in a special octabin'lere.

Fully automatic machines are fully automatic latest technology in PET bottles is inflated. These machines are fully automated, high quality and are capable of very quick mold change. In these machines, infrared ovens, after being heated preforms regional pattern of active water-cooled fall and 40 bar high pressure blowing air and inflate. With our experience in the packaging form and R-Ge'miz identify the most suitable temperature of the preform, the expected strength of the product, allowing the weight of the jar in PET packaging are able to achieve excellent quality throughout the distribution of appropriately. Jars manufactured after quality control and packaging conveyors, passing by the controllers at the request of the customer by the officials as a cover or no cover insertion and LDPE bags are placed on pallets. Performed based on other packaging alternatives, the customer's wishes.

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