Production Process

Design & Engineering;

Ensuring quality of design and engineering services, time accelerates Release Plastic Ambalaj'daki design and engineering team to quickly understand your needs Sensan. And should come as soon as possible aware of packaging out, tries to produce correctly the first time. Sürecimizi design and engineering in order to achieve this result, to eliminate barriers, to reduce the steps and arranged to produce as fast as a single step. Plastic Packaging is developing in many ways Sensan service.


I've done it before, since machinery and teçhizatlarımız hazır.1970 ...


We understand the complexity of designing large-scale mold; plastic distribution, the optimal cycle time and efficiently complete the design of equipment for the production of understand that.

Professional Design Service:

Sensan Plastic simple design offers consumers indexed all the structural and industrial design services. Integrated Systems: Our CAD & CAM software is integrated into the design, manufacture, so no information is lost when dialing programs.

Automated Systems:

Sensan plastic, multi-cavity mold sets to ensure a perfect copies of the CAM systems have invested in sophisticated and automated.

Their place of work equipment:

We are making molds and manufacturing equipment of our own constitution. This allows us to better control quality and timing of new molds is a chance.


Our strict manufacturing criteria we should adapt itself to each component. Ekipmanlarımızı production and process standards are referenced in preparing this continues throughout. Our criteria of superheat yours.

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